Hazard! – Rude Motorists

Did that really just happen?

I was left speechless and a bit stung. Not surprised by any means, but wow. Really?

It’s funny how the actions of others can cast a shadow over an otherwise stellar day. It’s all in our reaction to these actions, however, which determine the continuation of happiness or the succumbing to feelings of anger, hostility, depression and hurt.

I was out somewhere recently and ran into an acquaintance whom I haven’t seen in quite a while. I’ve known this person, from a distance, for years. We’ve shared the ups and downs of our lives; she’s talked positively about Alexa. I never knew there to be any “beef” between us.

When we crossed paths, I smiled, BIG, and offered up a hearty “Hello!” Eye contact made. No smile back. No words. Not only was there no acknowledgement of my greeting, but she BLEW RIGHT PAST ME.


I felt like a motorist who let someone into traffic and still got the finger.

Yes it was a busy situation. The thing is, this is the SECOND time this person has done this to me.

Fool me once, shame on you…

Like I said, I really wasn’t that surprised, but it does really haunt me. I like to think of myself as a very positive person towards others. Maybe not always to myself, as you all are most likely well aware by now, but to others? Absolutely. I won’t toot my own horn on kindness but with me, it is there for the taking.

Above all I RESPECT others. The only way to earn respect is to show it. No matter who they are, where they come from, what they have or what they do, people are people. They deserve time, attention and care. Sometimes you never truly know who someone really is or who they may become.


No one person is ever more important than anyone else.

I may not always have change for a homeless person who is all up in my face demanding it, but if that same panhandler simply smiled and said hello, I would give them the common decency of returning their greeting.

Never mind a person I thought to be a friend…

Always remember, a smile and kind word could mean the world to a person.

Practice kindness


at the very least

a little human decency.

~ by sillyauntjen on June 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hazard! – Rude Motorists”

  1. HEAR HEAR!!

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one left in the world that thinks this way.

    I also had a similar situation a little while back, but it was ex boyfriend. Yes, I broke his heart, but it’s been 6 YEARS and all I did was smile at him as he walked towards me, all he had to do was smile back. Instead he broke our brief eye contact and walked right on by. Ridiculous.

    My happy thing today is that you have put into words what I feel all the time… Kindred spirits FTW!

    • To be completely honest, I can see that happening with an ex-boyfriend. Not that I condone it or anything, but guys seem to have this weird “honor” thing going on. Blame it on pride… whatever.

      I am VERY glad that I can express what you are feeling. Heck, I am glad that I can express what *I* am feeling half the time! 🙂 Sharing it with a friend is a HUGE added bonus!

      I do get concerned that sometimes I get too personal, but, for me at least, sharing = healing. Bottling up = bad things. Honesty IS always the best policy, even if negative results ensue.

      Do others make fun of me? No doubt. I used to care so much about that and being liked, but now I care enough about myself to freely express and hopefully share a little fragment of hope and/or happiness in the form of shared experiences and things that bring me joy. I ultimately want others to know that they are NOT alone; though we are all on our own personal roads to happiness, we can all share the ride together. 🙂

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