Happy List! – March 3, 2011

Things that make me happy… RIGHT NOW!

– Meeting the family of someone you love. It could be a significant other, a friend, heck, even a coworker. Meeting a person’s family opens up a whole new world of understanding, appreciation, caring or even in some cases, confusion. Again, there’s definitely enough experience and material here for a full future post. I will say, nothing beats hearing funny, embarrassing stories from their childhood. Well, that is unless there are pictures…

– The garlic infused olive oil, mozzarella, pineapple, thin crust pizza at City O’ City in Denver. I never knew that I could love a vegetarian restaurant so much! Everything from the ever changing gallery of local artwork to the hipster patrons is quick to remind me of real city life. Dare I say, Brooklyn amazingness? It is quickly becoming a staple in our dinners out. P.S. Tonight I ate the whole 10″ pizza. (Those that know me well also know of my “tiny, little stomach.” I am notorious for eating maybe a third of an entree and taking the rest home for 2 or so more meals.) Shocker!

The possibility that I may indeed go to bed before midnight. That hasn’t happened since… well… I truly can’t remember! Exhausted.

Try a great local place, and keep thinking of the things that make YOU smile! 🙂




~ by sillyauntjen on March 3, 2011.

One Response to “Happy List! – March 3, 2011”

  1. My happy thing is having a breakthrough with a troubled dog. I have been gearing up for this house-sitting gig for 2 months… a play session, a walk, a few “you enter the house when we aren’t home” walks, and even a trial overnight stay… all to see if this dog could overcome her anxieties and insecurities in time for her owners’ week away. A gorgeous rescue German Shepard Dog with some serious trust issues. She cowers, she barks, she wets herself in fear, and once she actually tried to lash out for nice juicy bite on my hand, but scared HERSELF half to death by the simple closeness to me and cried out in fear and ran away. We made TONS of progress during all the lead-up meetings, she let me put her prong collar on for her walks, even jumped up and gave me kisses. But today was the big day, parents were across the country, and I show up at the door for the week-long stay, and we were back to square one. Negative one actually, if it were to exist. I spent all day in the house with her, she wouldn’t take a treat from the floor (with me standing yards away), though honestly she’s not very food-motivated… she is very play motivated, and would not even run after the ball that she ALWAYS runs after… She didn’t eat breakfast and held her bathroom all day since I couldn’t get the leash on her to take her out. I thought I was doomed. I left for work and thought about it the whole time. I got a call from mom to check in before I got back to the house, and had to tell her the bad news, afraid of the disappointment and worry I’d hear on the other end. We had a bad connection, so I told her I’d call again from the house when I got there. I walked in the door, more cowering, more barking, more whimpering and hiding. I grabbed a squeaky toy and squeeked it as enthusiastically as I could… she came running over! She sniffed it and backed off…more squeeks, she came closer! I tossed it for her (fetch is her fav), she let it fall and didn’t bring it back…crap. Now the toy is in her space and I’ll freak her out if I try to get it. I grab her rope and jump around playfully shaking it about, and she hurdled across the floor and grabbed it, and started playing tug!!! HURRAH! I scratched her magic spot (once I get close enough to her right front armpit for a good scratch, she’s cool with me for the rest of the day), and the rest was cake! She ate, she let me put her collar on, we went for an hour-long walk and she did all her business… success!

    If you stuck through long enough to read all that, I thank you. I’m sure it’s a boring read, but I had to write it all out. It was very rewarding!

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