Happy List! – March 2, 2011

Things that make me happy… RIGHT NOW!

– Self-serve frozen yogurt joints. My first experience at one of these “pay by the ounce” confectionaries was SweetHarts in Sherman Oaks, Ca… so yes, I AM a bit spoiled. (SweetHarts is a combination frozen yogurt/gelato/bakery/candy shoppe owned by actress Melissa Joan Hart and her mother Paula.) I have since been to several other of these tasty wonders between Berkeley, Ca and Parker, Co. My favorite combination so far has been red velvet cake batter fro yo + gummy bears (LOVE LOVE LOVE cold gummy bears) + sprinkles (RAINBOW of course). A few extra minutes early to class meant a quick treat today!

– School pick-up. Now that I’m working most afternoon/evenings, I’m not able to pick Alexa up from school as often as I used to. If my sister works on Tuesday, I try to get Alexa for her on Wednesday (early release) before heading off to my furthest class (1 hour away). Alexa is always excited to share EVERYTHING about her day. It was also really nice today when several of the moms and grandmas were happy to see me! 🙂

– Having a best girl friend around to share even the most secret stuff with. Life isn’t all a bed of roses; to be able to confide in a friend without fear of shame or judgement and to know that they trust you enough to do the same, is worth gold. Not to mention the martinis…

Try a new topping, and keep thinking of the things that make YOU smile! 🙂





~ by sillyauntjen on March 3, 2011.

One Response to “Happy List! – March 2, 2011”

  1. You always find such nice pics to go with your topics

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