Oh those Rocky Mountain drives…

Driving through the mountains has always been an indescribably happy experience for me. As a kid, I couldn’t wait until I got my license so that I could drive up to the ski cabin by myself. (Yeah, like that would have ever happened!) I didn’t think there was a way for these peaceful, yet challenging, drives to get any better.

Until I started driving up to Evergreen, CO every week.

Oh the sights on this drive. Maybe I’m the only one who finds them funny, but hey… This is my blog, and I’m sharing anyway! 🙂

Point of Interest … apparently is not interesting enough to have its proper name listed on a sign.

Please don’t pick (up) the prisoners: The following “notice” can be found along the highway… opposite the greater Denver area’s biggest outlet mall.

To Be or Not To Be… WIND: I was unaware that Aristotle fashioned road signs.

You don’t see these in Florida!: The runaway truck ramps that go up an inclined mountain plane are crazy visuals but my favorite remains the LONG gravel pit followed by 20 rows of water barrels. Insanity. (The action hero in me might just be a little tempted to run a collision course… EVERY time I pass this thing.)



~ by sillyauntjen on March 1, 2011.

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