Confessions of an Awards Show junkie…

I started watching The Academy Awards at a very early age, much to my parent’s chagrin. Yes, I was one of those little girls living in a small, rural town who practiced a tearfully dramatic Oscar speech spinning around her bedroom with an old, unplugged microphone. I reveled in the beautiful gowns, cried at the “In Memorium” and absorbed absolutely everything about films I was too young to see. I wanted to be the girl who was ahead of the game, versed in all grown up water cooler topics, delivering this most vital information to my peers.

It was just another way to get noticed and feel appreciated; it almost always paid off.

By middle school, I wasn’t the only one watching. Many of us cracked up over Billy Crystal’s genius openers. In those days, BEFORE YouTube (*gasp*), we had to remember those brilliant songs on the fly. Repeating one of Billy’s gems made you a legend… if only for a day. 🙂

My awards show fascination eventually blossomed to include the Daytime & Primetime Emmys and, what would become my absolute favorite, The Tonys. Sure, MTV had some fun award shows of their own, but I was all about the class. The level of sophistication exuding from the tube, not to mention the excitement of tuning in live from my dream locations of New York and Hollywood, enraptured this little girl from the sticks.

One of the most surreal moments of my life occurred on Oscar night in 2008. There I sat, watching the telecast from a guest house in Naples, Florida, sitting right next to Broadway star Andrea McArdle. (Broadway’s ORIGINAL Annie.) Andrea and I were cast in the TheatreZone production of EVITA; I was honored and excited to work with such a legend. (Annie… come on! 🙂 ) Oscar night fell right within our production schedule. Fellow castmates threw a great party; that was that. Silly as it may sound, I still look back on that night with wonder.

I do still have the goal of attending each of the aforementioned awards shows, “LIVE AND IN PERSON!” I’ve managed to check off The Tonys; I was lucky enough to watch Hugh Jackman host from my seat at Radio City Music Hall in 2005. I was pleasantly shocked and impressed by his genuineness and ability to have fun with the job. During the televised commercial breaks, he made it a point to come out and entertain those of us in the theatre. Amazing.

I may never make it there as a nominee, but I WILL make it there.

If only for the tales I get to tell the next generation of wide-eyed little performers. 😉

~ by sillyauntjen on February 27, 2011.

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