Happy List! – February 24, 2001

Things that make me happy… RIGHT NOW!

– Starting a new, ambitious, knitting project. Yes, I am making my very first article of clothing. Sure, I’ve done hats, scarves, leg warmers, gauntlets, phone cases, purses (etc.!) but there is something rewarding, if not a little scary, about jumping in to make a full sweater. Here goes nothing…

– Listening to my sister’s hysterical hospital stories. She’s an overnight shift nurse in critical care ICU; she sees insane stuff almost every shift! The subject of the week? Let’s just say, I never thought heterosexual dude on dude sponge baths, restraints and adult sh*t (yes, literal) could be so funny. ***It is important to note that no actual names are used during the retelling, leaving it all HIPPA compliant. (Says the girl who had to testify in federal court in cases of Medicare compliance!) Gotta stay above board! 😉

– Seeing a commercial for Sonny & Brenda’s wedding on General Hospital. Though I haven’t seen the show since I was a teen, the images of Vanessa Marcil & Maurice Bernard (I can’t believe I still remember their names!) thrust me back to paging through Soap Opera Digests, fawning over Antonio Sabato Jr. in middle school. Oh yes, the more you get to know me, the more my crazy extensive, cross-genre knowledge of television is bound to come leaking out… You have been forewarned.

Make something you would normally purchase at the store with your own two hands, and keep thinking of the things that make YOU smile! 🙂



~ by sillyauntjen on February 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Happy List! – February 24, 2001”

  1. Happy thing for today: new nail polish!! I haven’t painted my nails since high school, but back then I was quite the artist… I did double or triple colors! Polka dots! Stripes! And the best of all: little bloopy X-Files X’s!!! Yes, I’d have a full-on opening-theme-style X on each nail. And this was all before they started making these “nail art” polishes with tiny little applicators to do designs with. I did this all with regular polish and a TOOTHPICK. Oh, those were the days. Anyways, it’s been years, and ever since I got into the pinup thing, I’ve been thinking about starting to paint my nails again… but working with dogs doesn’t lend itself to keeping polish from chipping, so I didn’t bother. A little while ago, I ran across a nice color that is subtle enough that it’s not obvious when it chips…and now I’m hooked again XD Bought 4 new colors today! Along with a fancy new remover that’s not as drying, and some cuticle cream. Just what I needed…another addiction. =P

  2. I really miss my fakes. Back when I was working and could afford the upkeep, my nails looked so fantastic… quite Scully-esque actually. 😉 Working with Legos has completely obliterated my dreams of nice nails. Prying apart tiny, fiercely stuck pieces has worn them down substantially, and forget nail polish! Lasts about 20 minutes before my first chip. (Oh, I used to do the toothpick thing too!)

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