Happy List! – February 14, 2011 (“Valentime’s Day” Edition)

Things that make me happy… RIGHT NOW!

– Mispronounced words. I can’t help it. I find it darling when kids mispronounce words. Ever since she learned of the holiday, my niece Alexa has called it “Valentime’s Day.”  Everything in early February revolves around “valentimes.” She’s 7 now; I’m so glad that even though she has learned to spell it correctly (written), she still says “valentimes.”

– Conversation hearts. Yes, we had a field day scoffing at some of the newer sayings this weekend (I-M SURE, SEE YA, GET REAL, CUP CAKE… Seriously?!), but these little sugary hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple!  (Does anyone remember getting “FAX ME” hearts in the 90s?!)

– Lego Valentines. What says I LOVE YOU better than pieced together plastic pixels? NOTHING, I say. NOTHING.  BEST VALENTINE EVER.

– Happy tears!

– Those 3 little words. Honestly, they aren’t said often enough. There is nothing like hearing them and absolutely knowing that they are the truth.

Wishing YOU a Happy ValentiMes Day, and keep thinking of the things that make YOU smile! 🙂


~ by sillyauntjen on February 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Happy List! – February 14, 2011 (“Valentime’s Day” Edition)”

  1. Yay! I always hated conversation hearts though. They just plain taste bad XP

    My happy thing today is celebrating VDay ahead of time, in order to get some rest after my long day of working today, hehe.

  2. Hi! Osian is desperate to learn how to play “Chest”, and with roast dinners we have “filling” instead of stuffing! Must be a 7 year old thing! x

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