Frozen Freedom!

The jingle still rings through my head.

“KYW, NewsRadio, 1060”

Any child growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia can surely recall this jingle with ease.  After all, it delivered us directly to the gateway of frozen freedom…


Jumping out of bed, running into our parents’ rooms and begging them to turn on the radio to this enchanted station of delay and closing proclamations was a winter ritual.

Delays weren’t ideal, but gave us a 2 hour reprieve from sitting at our desks, staring out at the fresh white wonderland just begging for sled tracks. Torture.  And I LIKED school!

Perhaps the greatest winter news to ever hit the doorstep as a kid was the announcement of a snow day.  What a world of possibilities!  Sledding, snowball fights, sweeping arms and legs to carve out snow angels, creative snow creature making… all with the promise of hot chocolate inside the house warmed by the coal stove.  Even if the cold was too much to bear, there was always the ability to watch copious amounts of television… during the DAY. Unheard of!

Disclaimer: Snow days often gave birth to many pre-teen addictions to soap operas.


Despite my prior knowledge of today’s snow day, and ignoring the fact that my body finally gave up at 4 am, my eyes flew open at 6 this morning.  I couldn’t help racing to the window and peering out onto the undisturbed snow. For a brief moment, I was a kid again, contemplating all the possibilities that lie in front of me on this, my very first adult, SNOW DAY.

Illustration courtesy of Mark A. Hicks

~ by sillyauntjen on February 1, 2011.

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