♥ Bracelets for Bridget ♥

On Wednesday, April 6, 2011 my niece Alexa and I were named Bridget’s 5/5/5 Warrior!

What does this mean?

Reece’s Rainbow, an International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry which provides advocacy, adoption grants and birth family support to orphan children with Down Syndrome, HIV and other medical issues has put out the call for warriors… those who will concentrate efforts to fundraise, pray and/or otherwise support the continued efforts to raise funds for the children awaiting adoption.

“Being a warrior for a child costs nothing but your time.”

When I first heard about Reece’s Rainbow, from of all things a tweet by @PatriciaHeaton, I immediately went to their website and started looking at all of the little faces who are in desperate need of families. One little girl in particular grabbed my heart immediately and has refused to let go. I would love nothing more in this world than to adopt her myself, but I know that at this moment, I am not prepared financially to do so. When I do bring a special little one home, I want to be able to give him or her the best that I can. In the meantime, I started asking myself what I could do for Bridget.

I also asked my seven year old niece what she thought about helping these children. She was immediately excited about the prospect and asked if we could make something for them. (We are seriously creative around here!) 😉 She suggested we create bracelets to sell as a fundraiser for Bridget’s adoption fund. I had just taken an old friendship bracelet design and reworked it with new materials for myself as a new spring accessory.

The “Bracelets for Bridget” campaign was born.

Alexa and I will be creating bracelets to be sold on Etsy.com with 50% of the proceeds going directly to Bridget’s adoption fund. (The other 50% will go towards the selling and processing fees along with the restocking of materials.) All bracelets can be found HERE.

♥ Please help us help Bridget find a forever family! ♥


Grab This!

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2 Responses to “♥ Bracelets for Bridget ♥”

  1. LOVE these! I’m resending your button so it isn’t white in the background btw. Also, do you want the I’m a warrior one also with a transparent background? We have both. We’re flash like that lol!

    🙂 Love this, though! Thank you so much for advocating for her! She’s more than precious, isn’t she? 😀



    • Thank you Lu! I’m sure I will be gutted when I hear that she is going home… only because I’d give anything to bring her home myself! I continue to work on becoming a stable and secure future Mommy. In the meantime, I hope that we can help all that we can! Much love to all at Reece’s Rainbow!

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